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"A gunfight is more about the draw, presentation, rapid sight acquisition, target discrimination and effective use of cover/concealment than the click-bang."

Jack Clark, US Federal Agency, Special Mission Unit

Basic Pack

Say goodbye to expensive range trips and hello to convenient, effective training.

Put your other dry fire systems away.

Very impressive system for practicing dry fire drills at home.

It's a real boost to combat effectiveness, especially methodically. 

I can simultaneously add a jam or reload in the app while using it - brilliant!!!!

Such a cool idea! I didn't realize that this was even a thing lol. Regardless, it's awesome and works well. Would.make a great gift...

Damian - User

Ari - User

A.R - LEO firearms Instructor

Dustin - User

xMAG dry fire training magazine
BLUEOPS basic pack for Glock

Digital dry-fire magazine packed with unique features as Auto Trigger Reset, Magazine Capacity Simulation, Jam Simulation, and more. 

xLSR Extraction Tool

Interchangeable 15/17 round base-pads  

USB-C Charging cable

Trigger break calibration Hex Key

Special Laser Cartridge compatible with BLUEOPS ecosystem

xLSR dry fire laser cartridge
How doesit work?

BLUEOPS seamlessly integrates with most industry's leading laser-activated target and laser-reactive system solutions, including:

* Excluding i-MTTS


We are all aware of the secret to excelling in high-stress self-defense situations, right? It lies in the ideal training ratio of 70% dry-fire and 30% live-fire. While this knowledge is widely acknowledged, how many actually adhere to this rule?

Introducing Our Revolutionary Training Platform: Experience Remote, Online, and Real-Time Training like Never Before!

Say goodbye to boring and unsatisfactory dry-fire training with our innovative product line. We've developed the very first remote, online, and real-time training platform that will transform your self-defense journey.

Get ready for an immersive training experience that you won't even realize you're engaging in. Our platform is designed to make training enjoyable, eliminating the monotony often associated with dry-fire sessions. Unleash your potential without even noticing it!

Now on App Store and Google Play

BLUEOPS dry fire basic pack for glock
About Us


BLUEOPS originated in Israel in 2017, founded by a group of ex-special-ops and civilian security veterans, along with leading technology experts. They shared a common vision: to modernize the traditional firearm training field and bring it into the 21st century. The debut of xMAG at the 2018 NRA Annual Meeting marked the beginning of a series of pioneering firearm training platforms currently in development. These platforms all center around four core values: Realism, effectiveness, enjoyment, and user-friendly operation.


We're working 24/7 to deliver the best dry-fire training system out there ASAP

We would love to share more about our journey with you - updates about our manufacturing progress, sharing some behind the scenes photos (for your eyes only) - we may even reach out and ask to brainstorm together.




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