XMAG is a digital device shaped like a regular firearm magazine that is inserted into the trainee’s firearm during the dry-fire practice, collects a variety of data from its array of sensor and sends it over to an app where it is being processed. 

XMAG's state of the art  app provides the trainee with an immediate feedback based on smart processing of the gathered data, as well as periodic over time & in-depth performance analysis.

XMAG helps you develop muscle memory through repetition with our state-of-the-art data analysis of the shooter’s motion

XMAG constantly pushes the trainees to their limits by setting new bars - tailored and optimised to help them get the most out of their dry-fire practice

XMAG is the only dry-fire solution out there that turns your own equipment into a powerful 
data-driven training platform in just seconds - allowing you a hyper-realistic and engaging training experience


BlueOps was forged in Israel back in 2017 by ex-military, civilian security veterans and leading technology experts who believed that the traditional firearm training field needed a slight push towards the 21st century. 


XMAG is the first of a series of innovative firearm training platforms that BlueOps are already working on - all focus on the very same 3 core values: immersiveness, innovation, and simplicity of operation. 

BlueOps is a mission led by a group of people who believe that being at your best simply isn't enough. 

What's your best? 



We're working 24/7 to deliver the best dry-fire training system out there ASAP

We would love to share more about our journey with you - updates about our manufacturing progress, sharing some behind the scenes photos (for your eyes only) - we may even reach out and ask to brainstorm together.

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