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The one*

xMAG by BLUEOPS is a game-changing dry fire training tool, resembling a standard double stack GLOCK magazine. It offers a lifelike practice experience with its realistic weight and balance. Smart sensors provide real-time performance data for users to improve their shooting skills safely and effectively. It's an innovative blend of familiarity and modern tech, revolutionizing firearm training.

* You Actually Get Two!

Turn your handgun into a digital training device in seconds

xMAG smart dry fire magazine reload perfection

Automatic Trigger Reset Simulation 

xMAG smart dry fire magazine random jam simulation

Perfect Your Reloads Performance 

xMAG smart dry fire magazine with Laser

Magazine Capacity and Jam Simulation 

Discover the extraordinary power of xMAG's innovative electromechanical design, offering automatic trigger reset simulation coupled with unmistakable audible and tactile responses. Experience perfect harmony as xMAG effortlessly combines with xLSR, our exclusive laser cartridge designed specifically for the BLUEOPS ecosystem.

Learn more about xLSR Laser Cartridge 

Embrace the wisdom: 'Two is one, and one is none.'
Employ dual xMAG units (or more) for training with reloads, mirroring your real-world magazine use. Seamlessly transition between magazines, ensuring your training sessions and data stream remain uninterrupted.

Step into a new era of training possibilities. Gain the power to define your magazine capacity as never seen before. Elevate your training by practicing with your chosen capacity, and master the art of jam clearing through our unmatched simulation capabilities.

xMAG is also supporting Glock-clones by world-leading manufacturers, as: 

BUL armory logo
faxon firearms logo
Emtan Arms Logo
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Oh, and don't forget, there are a bunch of other awesome pistol makers out there who craft some seriously fantastic firearms. This list is just the tip of the iceberg!

BLUEOPS Basic Pack for GLOCK

blueops basic pack 

  • 2 units of xMAG for double-stack Glock pistols

  • xLSR laser cartridge 

  • USB-C Charging cable

  • Extraction tool 

  • High quality hard shell case 

  • BlueOps xCORE Mobile App

BlueOps Instagram

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will xMAG change my trigger pull weight? 

xMAG maintains your trigger pull weight as-is; it neither adds nor reduces any weight. Its distinctive design leverages your existing trigger spring resistance. This means that if you switch out your striker's spring, you'll see an instant impact on your trigger pull simulation with xMAG.

  • Is the firing pin used when pulling the trigger?

With xMAG in use, the firing pin function is overridden. In fact, once the trigger break position is calibrated (a simple task with the provided hex key), the firing pin movement becomes minimal. This adjustment is aimed at minimizing the chances of accidental discharge and lowering the wear and tear of the firing pin.

  • What is xMAG's expected battery life?

xMAG comes equipped with a generously sized rechargeable battery, handpicked to support seamless daily dry fire training without frequent recharges. With xMAG's battery, you'll be able to perform thousands of trigger pulls before needing to recharge.

  • Is xMAG compatible with any firearm utilizing magazines similar to those of Glock?

xMAG for Double Stack Glock is tailored to function with any Glock-style handgun incorporating a similar trigger system. This encompasses the majority Glock clone models available. If you're uncertain about your specific model, don't hesitate to reach out to us at

  • Are there any intentions to extend support to handguns other than Glock in the future?

Currently, our main focus is on providing support for Glock firearms. Nonetheless, our engineering team is actively investigating possibilities to broaden our compatibility to include other manufacturers and their models. 

  • Can I train with more than two xMAGs simultaneously connected?

The Basic Pack includes 2 xMAG units initially. Nevertheless, it's worth mentioning that you have the option to connect and train with more than 2 xMAGs, extending up to a total of 6 units.

  • Is xMAG compatible with other vendors' standard Laser Cartridges as well?

While active, xMAG supersedes the movement of the firearm's firing pin, making it incompatible with standard firing pin-operated laser cartridges. For additional details, go to xLSR

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