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Introducing xLSR by BLUEOPS – the game-changing Laser Cartridge that seamlessly syncs with the entire BLUEOPS product lineup. It's like a perfect match for xMAG, communicating instantly to bring out the best in your training. Together, they're the ultimate dynamic duo dedicated to making your training sessions engaging and impactful.


BLUEOPS seamlessly integrates with most industry's leading laser-activated target and laser reactive system solutions, including:


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is xLSR compatible with my laser-activated targets?

  • Do you provide support for other caliber sizes such as 9X17 and 45ACP? 

Although xLSR is engineered to effortlessly interface with most industry-standard laser-activated targets and laser-reactive training systems, it's important to recognize that some systems may employ proprietary wavelengths (example: I-MTTS by Laser Ammo). This can limit interoperability with products not manufactured by them. Nevertheless, we remain steadfast in our efforts to broaden the spectrum of supported solutions.

xLSR is set to be offered in an extensive range of caliber sizes in the future. Currently, our support is focused on 9mm and .40S&W.

  • How does xLSR communicates with xMAG?

xLSR employs visible light for communication with xMAG. The LED light, which flashes with every trigger pull, serves as both a communication interface for the user and a means of interaction. And all of this happens, well... at the speed of light.

  • What is xLSR's expected battery life?

xLSR operates using the widely available LR262 batteries. A new set of batteries, you can expect thousands of shots before needing a replacement, provided that xLSR is stored in a dark environment when not in use (such as within the provided hardshell case).

BLUEOPS basic pack

blueops basic pack for  glock 9mm double stack:

  • 2 units of xMAG for double-stack Glock pistols

  • xLSR laser cartridge 

  • USB-C Charging cable

  • Extraction tool 

  • High quality hard shell case 

  • BlueOps xCORE Mobile App

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