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BLUEOPS Basic Pack For Glock
(Double Stack)

BLUEOPS' Basic Pack for GLOCK is a game-changer in the realm of firearms training.


xMAG - Designed to resemble a regular firearm magazine, the xMAG can be quickly and easily inserted into a trainee's own firearm, transforming it into a powerful data-driven training device in seconds. During dry-fire practice, xMAG collects a wealth of data through its inbuilt sensors. This data is then transmitted to an accompanying app, where it is analyzed and presented to users in real-time. The app provides immediate and actionable feedback, as well as personalized tips for improvement, based on the data collected during the training session.

Learn more about xMAG 

Supported Models: All Glock and Glock-like (clones) Double Stack 9mm/.40S&W models as: G17, G19, G26, G34, G45, G47, G17L, G19X (Gen. 2-5), PSA DaggerShadow Systems MR920Lone Wolf LTD19EMTAN RamonPolymer80 PFS9/PFC9BUL Armory AxeAlpha Foxtrot AF-C Forged PistolFaxon FX-19 HellFire and more


xLSR - a revolutionary laser cartridge that is designed to work in tandem with xMAG. When used in conjunction with the xMAG, it provides a visual indication for every trigger pull, making BLUEOPS' Basic Pack an invaluable training tool for shooters of all levels. Available in 9mm and .40S&W (out of stock).  Although xLSR is engineered to effortlessly interface with most industry-standard laser-activated targets and laser-reactive training systems, it's important to recognize that some systems may employ proprietary wavelengths (example: I-MTTS by Laser Ammo). This can limit interoperability with products not manufactured by them. Nevertheless, we remain steadfast in our efforts to broaden the spectrum of supported solutions. Learn more about xLSR


BLUEOPS Lite Mobile App - Designed to work seamlessly with xMAG and xLSR! With our app, you'll be able to take your dry fire training to the next level.

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